Sustainable capacity®

Sustainable capacity®

Sustainability in all its facets is an important goal for the IJB Group in the coming years. The focus has been fully on this, certainly since early 2022. That is not to say that no attention was given to sustainability in the previous years, but – under the inspirational leadership of the board and management team of the IJB Group – this important subject has become the spearhead for the organisation. As market leader in the sector for concrete products (including piles and foundation beams) and with our Total Concept approach as a basis, we gladly take up the gauntlet when it comes to sustainability, based on our commitment to the current and future generations.

Our activities in this area principally focus on the period up until 2030, but this goal will of course regularly be reassessed for the years that follow.

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Under the general banner of sustainability, our Mission & Vision for the coming years is based on “Sustainable Capacity®”. The question that we asked ourselves in this regard looking at our products and services is: “How can we contribute to enough good quality housing with a foundation that is as stable, sustainable and circular as possible?”

And: “How to ensure at the same time that the increasing urgency for people and the environment under the broad umbrella of sustainability is embedded even more strongly in everything we do?”

We soon realised that we can only achieve this by fully committing ourselves to these goals and freeing up the necessary time. Not only within the board and the management team, but also throughout the entire organisation. So in the spring of 2022, all the staff of the IJB Group were invited to take part in sessions on sustainability, where they were able to put forward their ideas on this subject. During those sessions a great many ideas were proposed. This involvement creates a wonderful foundation: working together on a sustainable future is one of the most important conditions for the successful rollout of “Sustainable Capacity®”.

The valuable contributions from the IJB staff have been translated into 6 sustainability objectives which we will aim towards in the coming years to grow from a specialist in foundations to a sustainable specialist in foundations, whereby a contribution to an increasingly sustainable society is central each day in our business operations.

These are our goals for (at least) 2030!